Why Us

Like any other worldly objects, buildings need maintenance to ensure serviceability during their life span which can be prolonged with right type of repairs/maintenance done for any distress noticed. For the purpose, periodical and routine inspection of buildings is essential to precede maintenance.

Maintenance of the building does not end with stoppages of leakages and improvement in the finished and d├ęcors of the buildings to give it bright look. Every materials of construction whether produced from its original state at which it is incorporated to the building. It requires expertise and knowledge to identify this process undergoing in a building structure and stage at which it exists. All experts can only prescribe the right kind of repair to arrest this process of deterioration to save the property and ensure the return of the investment preventing premature deterioration or collapse. As self medication is likely to be injurious to health, similarly inexperienced approach to repair may not ensure prolonged service of built up assets.

Our effort is to timely enlighten those who have built up assets and are responsible for its upkeep. It is praiseworthy and it is a social service too as preservation of building assets is most important for the economy of a developing country such as India and we cannot afford to neglect it.

Building repairs are costly and the more if not maintained, the more costly they become. Many a times the person selected for maintenance has very little or no technical knowledge of what is required to be done and he somehow manages to complete the work. After a few days, the same problem arises. Therefore many times the common man suffers with this unending maze.

  1. We aim to improve building quality and housing availability.
  2. We assist everyone involved with buildings, whether build, own, live or work in them.
  3. We help member and committee members work together by giving them advise on what they should and shouldn't do, handling bonds and settling any disputes quickly and fairly related to our services.
  4. Every member of society can understand the exact status / condition of the building. It will relax honourable members in charge.